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The Authority of Drawing: Hand, Authenticity, and Authorship

7. February 2007

Michael Wetzel The idea of an ‘authentic copy’ that forms the focus of this book’s session, is based on a contradiction; on what is rhetorically termed a contradictio in adiecto: ‘authenticity’ is generally associated with genuineness, originality, uniqueness. In other words, with something that cannot or should not be reproduced or that could only be […]

From intermediality to inframediality: for a medial intentionality

6. February 2007

For many, Marcel Duchamp has always been the ‘inventor’ of ready-mades. From the bicycle wheels which, together with the fork, he bolted onto a kitchen stool, through the legendary bottle drier and above all the upside-down urinal, to the many other objects of everyday life like snow shovels or coat hooks, Duchamp took industrially mass-produced […]

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